New or Used Car? Make a decision

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The greatest advantage of purchasing a pre-owned car is that the burden of the biggest depreciation does not hit you.  Someone else takes it and you can resell your car for almost the same amount you used to purchase it after some years. When you buy used cars in Montclair, you can obtain financing options to pay for your car. When you go for a second-hand car, it is a great way to save and pay for the car. There is also the benefit of paying a lower insurance rate for a pre-owned car as opposed to a new one. It is a good option for a young person who is trying to balance life, save some money and also invest.

Well, it is not entirely a bad idea to buy a brand new car. There are benefits of buying a new car but when you have a fixed budget; it is advisable to buy a used car. Some of the benefits of buying a brand new car include;

  • A brand new car generally comes with a warranty
  • Generally, a brand new car will come with few flaws that may call for repair and the buyer will only focus on maintenance, centrally to pre-owned cars which may come with few repairs. When you buy a pre-owned car you focus on both repairs and maintenance costs. However, there are many pre-owned cars which come with no repair issue.
  • Brand new cars feature the latest technology, unlike used cars which may not have the most recent technological features. Some tech features that you might find with a new car are- less fuel consumption, improved gas mileage, reduced emission among others.

used cars in Montclair

There are also some disadvantages to buying a new car. Here are some of them.

The most serious disadvantage of buying a brand new car is that as soon as you drive off the car from the yard, you start losing your money. The depreciation rate of a new car is fast within the first three years. What does this mean? It means that the moment you start driving your car, you are throwing a few dollars which you will never get back.  On centrally if you get your car from used cars in Montclair the depreciation is low and you can resell your car at the same amount you used to purchase it. You don’t lose the money because much of depreciation has already occurred before you purchase the car.

The other disadvantage of buying a new car is that there is always an improved version of the model coming out after some time. The new version might come with modified engines and other spare parts that might have problems dealing with your car.


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