Preparing For Theory Test: Basic Tips To Help You Out

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It is crucial to pass the theory test before you can take the practical driving test. There are plenty of things you should learn about the rules of the road. Preparing before you book driving theory test is what most people recommend. The better prepared, the higher chance of passing. The theory test has two parts, a multiple-choice part and a hazard-perception part.

Multiple-choice test

The questions in this part of the test are basic knowledge every driver should know. You can find practice questions in tons of products available online. It is more important that you understand the questions and answers, not only know it. Understand the idea and do not memorize the answer. This part of the test usually covers the following:

  • alertness;
  • attitude;
  • safety and your vehicle;
  • margins for safety;
  • awareness of hazard;
  • vulnerable road users;
  • types of vehicle;
  • conditions of road and handling of vehicle;
  • motorway driving;
  • road rules;
  • road and traffic signs;
  • crucial documents;
  • accidents, incidents, and emergencies; and
  • loading of vehicle.

Tips for learning

You can use various methods to help you learn what you need for the test.


Use your own experience to learn faster

Associating what you are trying to learn to things you have seen or experienced will help a lot.

Use mnemonics

It is easier to remember things by using mnemonics. A good example of this is when you try to remember the colors of the rainbow. If you use the first letters of the colors in order, you get ROY G BIV. This is easier to remember than the full list of rainbow colors.

Practice question formats

Knowing how the questions appear on the test is as vital as knowing all the information. You can use the practice test and self assessment questions to help you out. Visit and browse around.

Set timelines

Planning your study and setting targets will help you see your progress. It will ensure you have not missed anything. Make sure there is nothing to distract you when you plan to study. Also do not study when you are not fully-awake.

Ask for help

It would be best if you ask your friends, family, colleagues, and others for help when you prepare for the test. You can let them ask questions and then you try to answer them. If you are unfamiliar with the topic of the question, you can look it up and let the other person explain it. Sharing driving experiences will also be a great help.

Hazard-perception test

The test checks if you can recognize and respond to possible hazards while driving. A developing hazard can be challenging because you have to take action at once. Your safety and that of others will be at risk if you fail to act.


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