The 2019 BMW M5 Series: An Expert Review

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The 2019 M5 is a series of sedan models from BMW that has a story of triumph in the dealership showrooms. To gain a deeper insight behind its unwavering sale success, we visited one of the reputed SLO car dealerships near us. The sales team serving there were happy to boast about this BMW series that has scored a high rating in the market of luxury sedans for its revving performance that outshined its rivals with ease.

The Lineup of 2019

For the year 2019, BMW has made its 5-Series lineup of luxury sedans available in 530e, 530i, 540i, and M550i xDrive trim names that we have listed in an ascending order of price tag.As you keep climbing higher the ladder, the level of performance and comfort features will proportionately increase.

The Power Lineup

As one of the first liners in the luxury oriented brands, BMW never compromises on anything, leave alone the performance record. The 2019 year edition of its 5-Series sedans can stand as the best example as all the trims are powered by envious engine powers. The Base 530i and 530e trim models get the strength of a turbo-4 engine that throws out 248of  horsepower that is configured either as rear-wheel-drive or all four wheel drives.

The next up trim in the series, which is the 2019 540i raise the horsepower to 335 from a turbo-6 engine which proves itself worthy enough to pick up the speed from 0-60-mph in lesser than five seconds.

The next trim M550i xDrive that comes one step higherdraws its power from a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine that can spin off more than 450 count of hp while ripping off a speed of 60 mph from a dead stop in less than four-second time limit. This trim comes as all-wheel-drive system which is set as the standard.

Irrespective of what trim you choose, BMWassigns for the entire 2019 year lineup of 5-Series an 8-speed automatic transmission which is the standard  one. Our test drive with all the engine variants that got their power distributed by this transmission proved that BMW did choose the right combination, as it provides good maneuverability with its light and responsive steering.

Cabin Luxury

The 2019 edition of the BMW 5-Series get the cabins ready to seat up five adult passengers, while its trunk offers a space of 18.7 cubic feet of cargo room to load their belongings. The cabins ooze out modern styling accentsthat bespeaks of comfort through everything you get to see, touch and feel. The ambience of its cabin soaks in dignified dark colors that can be also ordered with an optional stitching and ambient lighting.

Safety Options

The IIHS has selected the 2019 BMW 5-Series for their Top Safety Pick+ award for the 2018 year edition that got improved still further this year. All the trim levels are now equipped with the automatic emergency braking that is now standard, with other safety features that were already present since last year.

The experts at the SLO car dealers recommend the 2019 BMW 5 series for all the buyers who are looking for a no-compromise luxury car rounding up all the aspects including a reasonable price tag.


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