2020 Taycan: The Class Leading Sports Car from Porsche

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The 2020 Taycan is a sports car fromPorsche that has set a benchmark in its class with its car performance that runs at electric speed. Press the accelerator, and your speed has reached 60 mph in less than three seconds.

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is based on pure performance making itself secure a badge among the quickest cars that are currently being sold in the market. But that’s not all that we have to say about the 2020 Porsche Taycan series, as the virtues are too many to count. But overall we can say, buying a 2020 Porsche Taycan will ensure that you bring home a vehicle that is perfect in carrying out its sporty tasks, it is efficient and never wavers from delivering a splendid performance. What more? At a famous showroom of sports cars in Bakersfield, we realized that the 2020 Porsche Taycan can be recognized even from distant because of its distinctively beautiful exterior.

Sporty Design Spirit

Porsche wanted to build up the2020 Taycan series as atrend setter in the segment of sports cars. Taking alook at its exterior dimensions and structural pattern will be enough to convince any onlooker that there can’t be another lookalike of the 2020 Taycan unless it is another product of the same manufacturer. Thekind of performance that the 2020 Taycan is capable of delivering can be intuitively guessed from its exterior design that speaks of power, maneuverability and efficiency through unique roof line and the pair of twisted fangs at the front fascia.

Modern Interior

Inside every 2020 Porsche Taycan lies an equally attractive cabin that is decked with components that are of latestfashion. The modernity in its attitude can be best observed through its beautiful seating arrangements, that are covered in premium quality leather and nice to touch hard surfaces. Other features count pairs of 20-inch wheels, rear-axle steering, LED headlights, an adaptive air suspension for better drivability while the interior too makes use of LED lights, 14-way adjustable front seats, dual-zone climate control, and four touchscreen displays, that connect to a widely curved digital instrument cluster to entertain and inform the occupants and the driver with the most relevant contents.

Trim Flavors

The 2020 Porsche Taycan lines up in the flavors of Range, Normal, Sport, and Sport+ that ascend in terms of price that justifies the rise in quality and convenience as well as performance. Porsche installs more and more advanced driving dynamics to make sure each of the trim levels are complete in themselves, making the owner feel valued. Special  mechanisms like the right steering weight, stiffness in air suspension for smoother acceleration, unite to contribute for a thrilling ride, irrespective of the trim setting you choose.

Source of Power

The Bakersfield sports cars dealer explained that the 2020 year lineup of Porsche Taycan attains its success in leading its class from the power of two electric motors that draw their power from a 93.4-kwh lithium-ion battery. This electric car can make 616 horsepower to start at the base form. Stepping up to the Turbo S trim will enhance the count to 750 hp and 774 pound-feet of torque. Taking lesser than 2.5-seconds, the 2020 Porsche Taycan reaches the speed of 60 mph leaving its rivals in preparation to key start their engines.


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