What’s a Career as a Forklift Operator Like?

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Today, having a career as a forklift operator is one that brings a huge amount of reward. This job is one that is in constant demand. Over the internet, you can easily search any job site and instantly find an opening for the position. Constantly, you will find companies searching for and hiring forklift operators. Yes, this clearly means that forklift operators are in great demand.

With so many forklift operators, using various models of forklifts for sale for business operations, just the starting salary depends on experience. Typically, newly hired operators of forklifts receive their starting salary from about $8 to about $10 for an hour; of course, this also depends on the demand, region, and the company. On the other hand, an experienced and a seasoned forklift operator can make even an in excess of about $20 for an hour.

If you plan to work in an industrial or warehouse environment, then the job of a forklift operator is definitely the best way to get you started.

You Must be a Certified Forklift Operator

In today’s working environment, it is necessary that you become a certified forklift operator. Many companies will train you and they will provide you with the requirement or the OSHA certification to become a forklift operator. The forklift training classes often can vary in the duration. These could even range from about one week to about six weeks of proper training.

You can also consult your local area for the best forklift training courses. Search on the internet, and this will provide you with a plethora of options. For newbie drivers or beginners who have no experience when it comes to operating Moffett Truck forklifts, they would want to make certain the facility has the right hands on driving as a part of their certification training in their package.

Keep in mind that you will need actual driving experience of a forklift to get the OSHA certification. It is necessary to note that most industrial and warehouse supervisors spend their time as forklift operators. Through proper training, you learn about different forklift engines and their operation.

What Are The Basics To Operating A Forklift?

When operating a forklift, you will find there are so many things you need to consider that you will think of, such as the load weight, having a license, OSHA requirements, or knowing that an inexperienced forklift operator may find it dangerous. Every forklift appears simple; they slide from one place to the other, scoot around, and have a modest pace of about 5-10 miles an hour. Each type looks harmless, have back wheels that turn and a tail that swings out. Somehow, this will remind you of a bumper car, more like the ones you see at amusement parks. However, it is not! Forklifts, when loaded, can be extremely dangerous to the drivers and anyone that gets in its path, and when they do not consider safety.

Here are some basic considerations you need to consider when operating a forklift:

  • Ensure the forklift is in a good condition, with no leaks and all the controls in proper functioning order.
  • You should take a walk around the forklift to inspect it and ensure it has no cracks in the bends or length of the fork. Damage to the fork can prove to be very hazardous.
  • At all times, wear a seatbelt. You would not want the forklift to rollover or you will find your place underneath it.
  • Check the forklift for warning lifts, or loose bolts and whether the fluids are at good, specified levels.
  • You should be aware of the forklifts lift capacity and ensure it is never more than its maximum weight limit.
  • You can check the forklift’s roll cage. The roll cage plays a role to protect you if the forklift falls over.
  • Before driving the forklift, you should become familiar with the controls
  • Maintain a clear sight when driving the forklift. Avoid driving forward when your forklift is on a high raised level.

As you, consider starting your career, one, as a forklift operator is the right way to go and a great way to start your career, especially if you want to earn well! Just make sure you pay consideration to OSHA requirements and you are set to reach your career goals.


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