What is a car cover?

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A car cover, also called car cover, car cover, car cover, is an essential element to effectively protect a car from bad weather, soiling and air pollution. It is usually made of canvas or plastic. In addition, it has the particularity of being often waterproof or plasticized for even more effective protection. There are models to be used only outdoors or indoors for cars parked in a garage and multiple use models, that is to say that they are usable in the two cases mentioned above.


After buying a car, buying tarpaulin car is also an investment in which you have to get started to properly protect your property. However, some users have trouble installing it properly. So, to understand the operation of a protective cover for your car, here are some tips. First, you have to spread the cover. To do this, unfold it on your car while checking the meaning of its location. If there are pockets for mirrors, be sure to insert them correctly. Then, pull the front of the cover until it reaches the front bumper and then block it. Make the same gestures for the back and do not forget to adjust the cover on both sides. Second, pay attention to the cover so that it does not tear when first used. Do not pull it too hard. It is even recommended to pair if you do not really know how to do it. In addition, we also recommend putting a simple cover on your car before putting the tarpaulin. Although it is waterproof, it does not prevent the risk of condensation. Thirdly, it must be maintained regularly so that it can protect your car efficiently at all times. You will find more details on this topic in our tips and tricks section. To preserve it, be sure to put it in its cover after each use and keep it away from moisture and heat.

Different types of models

The car cover comes in 2 main categories namely the cover of the interior and the cover of outside. Here are the details:

The tarpaulin indoor car

Usually designed in polypropylene, the indoor car cover offers excellent protection not only against dust, but also against condensation. It is relatively flexible and very resistant.

Again, we can distinguish several types namely:

The unlined fabric cover: Very light, soft and flexible, this cover offers additional protection against micro-scratches due to friction on the body. The custom-made tarpaulin is perfect for large cars or with special elements like fins or extensions. Because it is tailor-made, it adapts perfectly to the shapes of the car. The inflatable tarpaulin: offers perfect protection for classic or prestige cars. It is equipped with a mains- powered electrical system that momentarily activates the fan. The latter regularly renews the air in the cover. It is also equipped with a floor mat for effective sealing.

The tarpaulin outdoor car

In general, the outdoor car cover has an outer face designed with synthetic materials for optimal protection against bad weather and bird droppings. Waterproof, it is often lined with a soft fabric offering anti scratch protection. The anti-hail car cover: is distinguished by its upper surface provided with an additional neoprene coating serving as a body protection against hail and frost. It can be complementary to snow chains. The custom or semi-custom car cover: ideal for those who wish to adapt their cover to their car. Thus, you can order exactly a perfect model depending on the specificities of the vehicle or even a customized model to meet all your requirements.

How to choose?

Having good advice when choosing a car cover is very important. In order not to invest in a low-quality car accessory, here’s how to efficiently choose a car cover.

Which model suits you?

The models of car cover are numerous on the market. There are those made of PVC , nylon , molted … However, the material is not the most important as long as the model has all the features you need to protect your car As you wish. However, it is advisable to opt for a model made of breathable material, avoiding the risk of condensation and corrosion, a model with a fixing system for optimal support. The model and size of the car to be covered also counts as a motor home or minivan cover would certainly not go to a luxury car.

For what purpose?

Think first about where you will park your car. This will allow you to choose between the different models on the market. If the car is parked in a car park or in a garage, so a well-closed location, it is better to opt for a dust-proof and anti-fouling model. On the contrary, if you plan to park your car outside, prefer anti UV models, offering better protection against external aggressions and various bad weather.

What budget?

The tarpaulin car price may vary depending on its size as well as its model. However, the entry-level car covers are worth around 30 to 40 euro’s while the larger ones cost around 100 euro’s.

What are the important selection criteria?

For those who are not experts, choosing a car cover is not easy. We have drawn up this list to help you make the best choice and find the ideal cover for your car.

The type of storage: whether it is an indoor or outdoor model, in both cases, prefer those that guarantee an optimal evacuation of the compressed air in the cover, thus efficiency against the risks of condensation.

The material: opt for an anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, waterproof (PVC or Molex model if the model is outdoor), breathable and provided with flexible elastic tightening. It is also necessary that the inner part of the sheet is relatively soft to avoid the risk of friction and therefore micro-scratches.

Aesthetics: you have the choice between car covers sue measure, semi-measures and standard covers.

Convenience: if the model is thin, it will be relatively light and allow easier handling. It will also dry faster. In addition, a compact tarpaulin with a storage bag is ideal. Also make sure it is easy to clean. Note that the presence of a lock is very important if you store your car outside.


Finding a cheap car cover or the best car cover requires taking into account several important criteria. We hope that the tips in this article will help you choose the best model that’s right for you, no matter how demanding. Indeed, a good tarpaulin will protect your car from bad weather, hail, rain, snow, corrosion. It also optimizes its life. Since buying a car is already a heavy investment, you have to know how to depreciate it effectively.

In short, your protective cover must be both easy to use, perfectly adjusted to the size of your car, with sturdy seams and flexible elastic bands, perfectly waterproof, designed with breathable materials and good quality, easy to wash and store. So, whatever your car model, be it a Lancia, a minivan, a Chrysler, a Cabriolet, a Mazda, a Sedan, a Skoda Octavia, a Berlin go, a Chevrolet, a Jeep, a tuning car, a car Xsara, Subaru, Dacia, Hyundai, Renault megane, SUV, Zafira, C4 Picasso, Suzuki, Kia, Macerate, Jaguar, Mitsubishi or Citroen C4.


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