Things to Know About Cruise Control Repair

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Cruise control is one of those features that you get to see in almost every modern car on the roads today. It is considered as one of the best driver assist features that also helps in safe driving. Cruise controlbeing an automatic system in the car is meant to modulate the speed of the car of its own, seeing the position of the said car on the road, like how near it is from the following car, so that it doesn’t stand a chance to bump on it.

It is a pet feature for the new driverswhile it also saves the braking system, since, frequent pressing of the brakes isn’t required when a car is in a traffic to maintain a safe distance. The cruise control feature works best when the car is driven in the signals on highways, when the car has already picked up a speed but now suddenly needs to slow down, explained the mechanics of the Spring auto repair center.

With the cruise control feature enabled on your car you can set up a speedin which the vehicle will keeping moving forwardto maintain a safe following distance from the car that is driving in front of you.

What Can Cause its Failure

Like any other mechanism, the cruise control feature can get damaged and dysfunctional. But that is a severely dangerous situation especially if the driver isn’t aware of its condition. So, here we are preparing you in advance with the reasons that can cause damage to the cruise control feature, so that you don’t step into that trap at all.

Faulty Brake PedalSwitch:

The brake pedal will also have a switch in a vehicle that gets turned on along with the brake lights every time the brake pedal is engaged. The cruise control system that is responsible in disengaging the brake pedal even when the pedal is been pressed, will not be able to do so, if the switch gets damaged, since it is wired to the brake pedal switch. So, when you start your vehicle, check if all the lights have turned on, especially the brake pedal one. If you see it off, know that the cruise control feature will not come to your rescue when required.

Damage of the Speed Sensor:

The speed sensor is directly related to the cruise control feature, and the connection can be understood from its name itself. The speed sensor in a vehicle is used to know the speed in which the car is running at the resent, and depending upon it, the cruise control feature can choose the safest speed for the vehicle, at a given driving situation. The speed sensor also controls the flow of fuel and the ignition timing. Hence if it gets damaged, the cruise control feature will automatically stop its functionality. To know everything is fine in this region, it is good to test the speedometer once whenever you start your vehicle, suggests the head of mechanical team who run the center of auto repair Spring.


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