Jeffery Breault – How Can One Become Pro at Car Racing

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Jeffery Breault serves as the Vice-President of Cary Thomas Hoover & Breault in Wichita. He is passionate about automotive racing and listening to country music. He has deep knowledge of car racing and enjoys sharing his wisdom about the sport with like-minded fans and people!

Jeff Breault – Race like professionals in tournaments

Jeff Breault says that though professional car racing looks simple to others, it is not. There are many things that you should be aware of when you wish to become a professional car racing professional. The first and foremost thing that every car racing expert has to be aware of are the rules and regulations of the racing track. In order to participate in any automotive racing event, one should know the rules of the track by heart. Safety is the second important factor that every professional car racing expert has to keep in mind for winning. The interiors of the racing car should have the recommended safety features to ensure that the driver is safe when racing on the track.

Moreover, the driver should wear the correct safety gear like suit and shoes that are fire-resistant in case there is a crash. Last but not the least extensive vehicle checks need to be conducted regularly before each and every tournament. In this way, the car will be safe when it is used for racing on the track.

Know when to pick up speed

A professional car racing enthusiast knows when to pick up speed. Most people believe that car racing means driving the car as fast as possible. This does not hold true. One should be aware of the right time when to pick up speed and when to slow down so that accidents are avoided. Professionals need to put in years of practice and experience to master this technique when they are out racing on tracks.Safety Features of Modern Racing Cars

No jerks at all on the racing tracks

Make sure the driving is smooth and free from any jerks. The steering wheel should be manipulated with control. Professional drivers will always focus on the wheel and not on the speed. The goal here is never to upset the balance of the car while racing and competing with other vehicles. It is prudent to know where you want to take your car when you are participating in a car racing competition. In short, the focus should always be on navigation over picking up speed to surpass other cars.

Jeffery Breault says that before a competition or tournament, experienced drivers research the racing tracks they will be on before the date of the race. Most of them are aware of the race tracks as they take time to visit the tracks and study it carefully. Professional drivers say that the track often changes in different weather. In order to sure of the track you are racing in, it is wise to visit and study it. In this way, you are able to understand how the car will work when you are participating in a race.


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