How to install leather seat covers?

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Seat covers are very crucial for your seats because they ensure a longer life for your seats. Choosing the right seat cover can be a headache as it has to match with the interior of your vehicle or else it would not look good. Luckily with advanced technology and wider options, people are saved from this headache. Seat covers are so good nowadays that they blend in with your car while providing maximum comfort.

Why do I need seat covers for my car?

The objective of installing seat coversis to protect the seat fabric. The seat fabric is prone to wear and tear and therefore needs frequent replacement. This is why it is crucial to get your car a seat cover. Leather, considering its superior quality over other fabrics, is an ideal seat cover to go for. Sure, they might be expensive but in the long run, they are more profitable. Besides, they give you a royal look thereby enhancing your driving experience. If you want genuine quality leather seat covers at a reasonable price, consider buying from Clazzio. They provide one of the finest covers with an easy installation process.

Once you find the best leather seat cover, there comes the main question; how to install them?

There are many leather seat cover brands out there. While they might provide good quality covers, the installation process is tedious and tiresome. Sometimes, it takes two-three days to install them. Besides, the entire process involves many steps. So many that the users tend to make mistakes. This leads to creases and folds after frequent use. On the other hand, Clazzio offers a solution to this hassle. Clazzio provides seat covers that simply slip over your car seats. The installation process is simple to follow and will take up hardly two or maybe three hours. The kit provided by Clazzio includes seat covers for each seat, armrest, headrest, and center console.

The basic steps involved are as follows:

  1. Proceed with removing the headrest cover and slipping the new covers on them.
  2. Slip the seat cover over the back of your seat: There are two loops on the backside of your seat cover that can be slipped between the seat and its back.
  3. Connect the hooks and loops: To hold your covers snugly, connect the S-hooks with the elastic loops. The elastic will make sure the cover does not come off. And ta-da you are done with this dreary task.

This is just a summary of what needs to be done. The real procedure involves more steps.


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