Different Types Of Trailer And Trailer Parts Used By Trucking Industries In Australia

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Different types of cargo need different types of trailers to carry them. Each type of trailer is designed for a specific type of load. So for selecting a trailer type based on the load type first, you must know the different types of trailers and their application.

If you choose the right trailer for your work then you can save a lot of work time and also it provides safe transportation. For instance, if you are coming across an 8×5 box trailer for sale in Sydney, you should determine whether it is really required for you. In this article let us discuss the different types of trailers that are used in trucking industries.

Different types of trailers:

●      Flatbed or open trailer

Flatbed or open trailers are used for carrying large cargo loads. Most of the experienced drivers prefer open trailers because it has flexibility in load capacity. There are different types of open or flatbed trailers.

  • Step-deck trailers have two positions for cargo hauling. It also has a gooseneck. It helps to adjust the height of the trailer.
  • If you want to carry a large or long cargo load then you buy an extendable open or flatbed trailer.
  • In flatbed or open trailer, there will be no fortification. So it cannot be used for carrying some cargo types.

●      Dry van trailers

Dry van trailers are also called as an enclosed trailer. It is one of the popular and common trailer type used for transporting cargo loads within the state. It has a flatbed and an enclosure around them so the dry van trailer protects the load from the extreme weather condition. Dry vans trailer is used for carrying loads like clothes, electronics, and food. It is mostly used by retailers and grocery shop owners.  When purchasing trailers, ensure it comes with easy to obtainable trailer parts Sydney.

trailer parts

●      Box trailers

One of the common trucker types is a box or enclosed trailer. Box trailers must be fully enclosed. It is an additional safety feature for the cargo loads. The enclosure protects the load from the tough weather condition. The cargos are loaded through the rear or the sides. The capability of the box trailers has restrictions since they are enclosed. Box trailers are mostly used for carrying delicate and precious items. If you have any such requirements, you can immediately respond to advertisements like an 8×5 box trailer for sale in Sydney.

●      Refrigerated trailers

It is an enclosed trailer type. The important feature of the refrigerated trailer is temperature control. It is mostly used for transporting consumable or perishable goods which are sensitive to temperature. Meals are easily affected by temperature so meals are mostly transported in this trailer type.

●      Tank trailer

It is a special trailer. Tank trailers are used for transporting sand, chemicals, water, and grain. Tank trailers must be cleaned after the shipment for proper maintenance. You need some special permits for driving tank trailers inside the city. Tank trailer parts are easily available compared to other trailers.

Double drop extendable trailer:

Double drop extendable trailers are used for carrying extra-long items which are not possible in normal trailers. It supports extra load also. The items carried using this trailer type are construction equipment and freight containers.

●      Stretch RGN (Removable Goose Neck) trailer

Long loads are carried using stretch RGN trailers. Extreme height and weight loads are transported using this trailer type.


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