Control In Your Hands- Car Steering Wheel

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Often human beings consider essential items of use as trivial and do not pay much notice to them. One such thing is the car steering wheels. Whenever a person purchases a car, one always examines about the car and its specifications from the exterior to engine’s mechanism to even inquiring the nuts and bolts; but seldom it happens that the users are concerned about the type of control their steering wheel provides. In your next car purchase, make sure to give equal consideration to the steering wheel as well; because of all the comfort and control during driving is correlated with the wheel you are on.

The emergence of the car steering wheel

Have you ever come across a car without a steering wheel? The answer itself states the importance of the car steering wheel. Initially, when the car was designed, there was no man-made machine that was steered or controlled by humans except boats. Incorporating the same inspiration, cars were initially steered with the help of tillers. With time, tillers were replaced by helms that were used in ships. Decades later the standard steering wheel model came into existence with the efforts of car enthusiasts and other intellectual minds. Time has passed but the shape of the wheel still remains the same, though the functionality has modernized tremendously. Wooden circles were used to command the vehicle and the process involved complete human effort. Later the nautical industry introduced power steering system which assists the drivers. A great number of adjustments and technological advancements has taken place since then.

The traditional mechanism that remained unaltered

The car steering wheel went through changes from tilt wheel to swing-away to quick release hub to four-wheel hydraulic wheels to computer controlled motors but the basic mechanism remained unchanged.

  • Rack & Pinion

It is the motion control mechanism in the cars consisting end take-off or center take-off. On turning the wheel, the gear spins; hence moving the rack. The circular motion of Rack & Pinion gear is converted into linear motion.

  • Re-circulating Ball

Also referred to as Steering Box, the system can absorb heavy shocks and vibrations. This involves Pitman and idler arm, Threaded Rod and ball bearings.

While searching for the car steering wheel on the internet, you will surely be surprised with numerous designs and affordable prices available. So smooth steering in as important an aspect for your car as all others. Improve your vehicle’s control by having the soundest steering wheel in your hands.


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