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The main weighty fact of SACHS Racing clutch system is to make it less by weight, less moment of inertia as well. These are made with love by ZF SACHS from Germany; this enables maximum acceleration of engine and minimum shift time as well.

The popular SACHS RCS clutch part can be fitted to provide several unique solutions for specific vehicles as well as tracks. These competition clutch basically are generatedin regard to racing applications in a virtual way.

We have introduced to several regulations associated to ZF SACHS and lawsuits before many companies, well here in SACHS Performance you may like our service but there is also some privacy regulatory which the customers have to take care.

Competition Clutch: Need & Existence

A few parameters are there to compile a Clutch properly. The application being the most important thing, it requires and determines the actual place where it needs to be installed. This is also depending on-

  • Type of vehicle.
  • Torque of the engine.
  • Space required for installation.

Individual needs are given different solutions by SACHS. There are 4 different clutches having the diameters like- 115 mm to 200 mm. then it comes to the friction stuff as there are carbon material, sinter pad,and other organic materials.

There is a unique factor still left, the required number of discs. SACHS competition clutches offer 1 to 4 discs clutches. The clamping force also in surveillance of the manufacturer.

Handling, Maintenance & Usage

  • Installation of Clutches should be very oriented.
    • Cleaning of the relevant parts is very necessary.
    • The axial round must be tested then.
    • The clutch disk is the next priority, set it in the center precisely.
    • Clutch facings should be cleaned then.
  • Clutch Disks is the next thing to check.
    • Firstly, the lateral runout is fixed.
    • Alternative packages should also be implemented for checking the best performance.
  • Greasing the clutch disksare coming in next. If not greased well, fretting corrosion may take place in the hub spline.
  • Clutch noise.
    • The correct part should be installed and the place of installation should also be checked.
    • Pilot bearing must be installed in great condition.
  • Clutch grabs.
    • Wrong clutch disk installation can cause clutch grabs.
  • Clutch slips are also something to avoid.
    • System wear, movement freedom,and adjustment must be checked.
    • Verification of correct parts of the vehicle.
  • Make sure Clutches do not disengage.
  • Checking DMF, Dual Mass Flywheel. Make sure this rotates to the maximum extent.

After Sales Support & Care

Actions and proclaims have to be made on the basis of the following conditions.

  1. Claims of products (particularly competition clutch) during warranty period must be reported as soon as possible when failure is obvious.
  2. Delivered products should be checked in time for customers’ benefit and send them back for replacement soon.
    • Prescribed way of assembling if not followed.
    • When products are assembled in the known consent that the product is faulty or wrongly delivered.

If you are a dealer or tuner or have a workshop of commercial vehicles register yourself as a professional employee for the SACHS Performance and Racing goods and surely you will be an advantage of our special dealer schemes and mind-blowing conditions.


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