Is Your Car Windshield Properly Installed Or Not? Find Out Here

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Have you just had a new windshield installed? If you have then how can you possibly determine if it was properly installed or not? You might not be an expert in this area but there are ways for you to know if your windshield installer did it the right way. Windshield replacements are not cheap so you should make sure that you are getting the service that you deserve for the amount that you paid.

Remember that the windshield plays a vital role when it comes to the car’s safety features. According to, the windshield is more than just for aesthetic purposes. Nowadays, it supports the car especially the roof during accidents. So this means that if your windshield was not properly installed, it can put yours and your passengers’ lives in danger. So here are some simple ways for you to determine that your windshield was not installed correctly.

Driving Immediately After Windshield Replacement

When you have your windshield replaced, it will only take less than an hour to finish. However, the adhesive that is used to hold the windshield in place will take it 3 to 8 hours to cure then harden. This is why when you are able to drive your car immediately after your windshield is installed, there is a great chance that it was not properly installed. If this happens, the results mentioned below will happen.

Car Windshield Properly Installed

Car Windshield Rattles

If your windshield creates some noise, like when it rattles, this means that it is loose. Take note of it when you are driving. If it bounces, that’s another indication that it was not properly installed. You will easily notice this when you hit a pothole or when you go over a speed bump. When this happens, it is usually caused by a windshield not fitting properly in your car. Sometimes it is also because of the adhesive that is not holding the windshield firmly in place. So if you hear your windshield rattle or when it bounces, go back to your installer and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Looks Wavy Or Crooked

If you look at your windshield and you notice that it has a wavy pattern or it is crooked, this is another sign that your windshield was not installed correctly. This usually happens when the windshield shifted. The shift is just so little that you will not be able to notice it just by looking at your car. But when you look out of your windshield, you will notice that something is not right. If you have this problem, there is a great chance that your windshield was not installed properly.

If ever you notice any of these problems with your newly-installed windshield, you should have it fixed right away. Go back to the shop who installed it for you, or if you want, go to someone that you can trust. If the technician was able to get away with it the first time, either you call their attention and have it fixed or find another technician who can do it right for you.


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