Documents You Should Get While Buying A Used Car

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The reason many people do not buy a used car even though they want is that there are various legal aspects to deal with while buying one. The first thing one has to check is whether the car has an accident history and whether any legal case is pending or not. You have to ensure that you do not get into any trouble in the future due to past happenings. A car buyer may not be aware of these things and it is always better to consult a lawyer to get an understanding of everything and the document you must opt from the seller. If you are looking for quality used cars in Fresno, AutoCityFresno has the best collection.

Documents You Need To Get from the Seller –

RC Book – RC stands for the registration certificate. RC book contains all the information about a vehicle like the registration number, engine number, VIN, owner details, and everything one needs. After getting the book, you have to change the ownership of the car. If you are from another state and the car is from a different state, you have to register accordingly to make the driving of the car legal.

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Invoice And Service – You should get the original invoice of the car that the original car owner got when you bought the car. You will obviously get a new invoice from the seller. This is going to help you to prove the ownership in future in case you get in trouble or during a routine check. Along with these, you have to opt for the service book where it is stated how many times the car has been serviced and when the last service has been done. Accordingly, you can take the take to get a proper servicing as per the next schedule as mentioned in the service book. If you buy used cars in Fresno from AutoCity, you can get all the documents without a headache.

Insurance Paper – Not only do you have to get the insurance papers but you have to transfer the name of the owner to yours to own the car legally and continue to paper premium and get a refund when necessary. The insurance papers will also help you to understand whether the car was involved in an accident or not and whether money was claimed. You can also have the power to cancel the current policy and get a new one which is better for you.

Apart from these, you should opt for the pollution certificate and no objection certification from the owner so that he cannot create any trouble in future.


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