Peterbilt: Things to Know About Semi-Truck Repairs and Parts

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Even semi-truck drivers who just started in this line of work know that speedy and good repairs are very important—getting back on the job as quickly as possible after breakdowns are vital and a priority for every truck driver. Any delays can cause transport times to arrive late. It can cost both the driver and the firm a lot of money. But it is not as straightforward as just rolling into a local repair shop.

Not all technicians are equipped with the right tools, skills, and knowledge to handle heavy-duty vehicles. That is why it’s pretty important to find high-quality firms for semi-truck repairs ahead of time. Listed below are some traits to look for when looking for a repair center, as well as parts that are usually replaced.

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A normal auto repair shop is not equipped to handle massive semi-trucks. Look for service centers specializing in working tractors, Recreational Vehicles, buses, semi-trucks, and other heavy-duty vehicles. By doing this, shops will be more familiar with handling a high-powered machine and already have the right tools and equipment on hand. The turnaround time will also be quicker at these shops.


Accidents are not limited to a nine-to-five business schedule. High-quality firms will offer their services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because they understand drivers need to get back to their jobs as quickly as possible. Choosing a shop like this will also provide people with peace of mind that by knowing they will always be there when emergencies happen.


Check out company websites or speak with owners to get a better understanding of these firms. Ideally, online research or conversations should easily show their passion for this kind of job. Not only that, but people should also use this opportunity to find out how long they have been in this line of business. A reputable service center will have a good history, as well as the reputation that they want to continue to maintain through the high quality of services.

Check certifications

Mechanics should be properly certified by government agencies in medium to heavy-sized vehicles. Having these certifications shows that repair mechanics are qualified to diagnose, repair diesel engines, brakes, suspensions, steering, electrical systems, as well as drive trains.

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Do not choose solely based on the shop’s price

While prices might affect the client’s final choice, they should never be the main deciding factor. Look for shops that offer affordable rates that can be compared to other mechanics in the area. Do not just choose the cheapest option, because there is a good chance that they provide the worst service. On the other hand, service providers that charge higher will not necessarily indicate high levels of assistance.

Accidents are not limited to a nine-to-five business schedule

Usually replaced semi-truck parts

Even though heavy vehicle parts are exactly that, heavy-duty, that does not mean that these things last forever. As a matter of fact, every time people put the words heavy duty on items, it seems to provide certain person’s license to beat it heavily, whatever it is. A lot of people love these vehicles, but that does not mean they are always good when it comes to these vehicles.

And even if people take good care of their vehicles, certain parts just always seem to need replacement eventually. Some parts usually need constant replacement compared to others. When it comes to these parts, these things are the most frequently replaced items. Always keep in mind that replacement and repair of some of these things can be lessened or avoided through proper driving habits, regularly scheduled inspections, and general maintenance.


To get from point A to point B, functioning clutch and transmission systems are pretty important. As a matter of fact, without everything on this list, it is going to be a pretty interesting ride. Compared to the clutch on standard vehicles, the clutch wears down a lot faster on semi-trucks. People can expect to get more or less 200,000 miles out of their clutches, provided people don’t ride their clutch regularly. And when it comes to transmissions, including the clutch, maintenance is very important.


If individuals spend any time driving on the byways and highways of the world, there is a good chance that they have seen a blown-out tire or shed retread somewhere on the road. Standard tires are not built to last as long as semi-truck tires.

Standard vehicle tires are not designed to last as long as semi-truck tires. But evidence suggests that semi truck parts like tires do not last forever. Before people need new tires, they can expect to at least 100,000 miles from heavy-duty tires. Again, it is assumed that they drive appropriately.

Brake pads

Without brakes, people are driving dangerous automobiles. But the most important components of this system, such as brake pads, tend to wear out as time goes by. More frequent pad replacement is required for bigger vehicles compared to smaller cars.

Semi-trucks take more brake power to stop and slow down. On most of these automobiles, three to five years is the expected replacement time for pads. It still depends on the driving style, what type of driving they do, whether or not they are frequently involved in stop-and-go traffic, as well as whether or not they often stop. Avoiding fast stops is always needed and can help extend the life of brake pads.


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