What is fleet insurance?

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Fleet insurance is a type of buying single insurance policy for your all vehicles from a particular insurance company. Under the convenience of one policy, a fleet of vehicles is insured. You can consider insuring your vehicles under the fleet insurance if you have two or more vehicles. The insurance is provided for both commercial and private customers, also people who have mixed vehicles such as cars, vans can also benefit from fleet insurance. It does not matter what size your business is, it can be either small or big either way you can benefit from discounts on premium and reduce overall administration work for the business. There is a reason why companies prefer fleet insurance, it is more manageable, efficient and easier to handle than individual policies for each vehicles. You can bargain for cheap fleet insurance from the brokers specialized in vehicle insurance.

The advantages of fleet insurance are

  1. Convenience- It is easier to bunch your entire fleet of vehicles with one policy
  2. Cheaper- It costs whole lot lesser that insuring each vehicle
  3. Driver insurance- Any driver you give permission to use your vehicle comes under the fleet insurance, however it depends on the insurance provider.

cheap fleet insurance

Considerations to take when you look for fleet insurance

  1. You will need fleet insurance if you have fleet of vehicles and frequency of uses is high. Insurance companies offer cheap fleet insurance considering various factors and information you provide. Frequency of usage and younger age of drivers significantly influences the insurance price. Ensure to speak to your insurance agent and provide all critical factors and avoid ending up paying for components you will not benefit from your insurance provider.
  2. You will need fleet insurance, as there are events, which we cannot control; when we face events such as accidents, goods damaged, stolen. Can leave you hamstrung and can affect your business. Fleet insurance takes care of any vehicle damaged under one policy. Claim under fleet insurance is quick and easy as well.
  3. Getting cheap fleet insurance is possible when you reduce risk, this will help businesses to reduce claims thereby bringing down the fleet premiums.
  4. You should seek to get insurance that covers ‘any vehicle’. It is more obvious for businesses with larger fleet, because there will be new vehicles joining the fleet and some phased out throughout the year. This type of cover will offer maximum benefits.
  5. Fleet insurance works better when right details are provided. Provide every bit of details as possible such as nature of business, usage, drivers, vehicle types and steps taken to reduce claims. Details influence the price of the premium. Therefore, seek the best cheap fleet insurance quote from the broker that suits your fleet and business.

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