How to Influence Your Car’s Trade-in Value

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If you are in the market for a new car, the practical thing to do is to consider trade-in at the dealership instead of selling it directly to another party. If you sell the car personally, it could net you more money but it also means handling everything from the sprucing to advertising, setting up meetings, and test-drives.

Although you will get less money if you decide to trade your car, the process is easier and quicker plus you can still negotiate to get the best price. You must know that the trade-in value will be based on factors like make/model of the car, age/mileage, and condition.

The good news is you can influence the factors that will determine the trade-in value of your car. Here’s how you can influence your car’s trade-in value:

Utilise car detailing

Keep in mind that first impressions count. With this, it is imperative that you invest in a full car detailing. This will surely pay dividends in trade-in value. If the car is clean, it will give the impression that it is well maintained. This will ultimately increase the dealer’s offer by several hundred dollars.

Ensure that tires are good

If your tires are in good shape, you do not need to replace it. However, you should know that some dealers would focus on the bad tires as a reason to lower the trade-in price. If you do not want this, you should consider getting an inexpensive set. If the tires are still decent but are marred with curb rash, the least that you can do is repair them.

Keep your records

Aside from the aesthetic appearance of the car, the dealer will also check its overall condition. They can even lower the cost if they think you are not taking good care of it. To back up the condition of your car, it is prudent to keep your records and show it when the need arises. Records should include oil change records and maintenance-related work.

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Do some minor repairs

Keep in mind that a dealer can spot issues right away and it can net you less money. With this, you need to invest in car repair for small issues to get big deals on trade-in prices. Minor car repairs include fixing dents, scratches, headlights and many more.

Shop around

Before you negotiate, it is important that you research the trade-in price of your vehicle so you will know if the offer is fair or reasonable. You can find a host of online sources for checking out the trade-in value of your car.

When you consider trade-in, it is crucial that you let the salesperson give the price first. Do not make the first offer. If it is too low, you can always counteroffer and back it up with your research. Just keep in mind that you do not need to accept the first offer or figure.

It is practical to get offers from other dealers. You have to assess which makes more financial sense. With this, it is crucial that you find a dealer that specialises in used cars in waipahu.


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