Car Care Tips for Going Greener

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In these days of global warming, the industry that is held as one of the most responsible and guilty for such situation, is automotive. The industry that has been running vehicles at ever increasing numbers across the globe has already exhausted a substantial amount of natural resources, and unfortunately is continuing to so the same, but with a little bit of care. Today, the automakers are trying their best to make eco-friendly vehicles and are volunteering in the “Go Green” movement.

Fully Electric vehicles, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles are seen in more numbers on the streets, while the advanced engineering is focusing on making more fuel efficient vehicles than ever before. But the movement won’t be successful, unless the car owners make some effort from their end to go greener, even if they are using a regular gasoline car.

An auto expert whom we met at the Cypress Chevrolet dealer service center suggested few car care tips following which every car can contribute in the Green Revolution.

Timely Tuning Up

A well-maintained vehicle will need lesser amount of fuel to run. Hence, simply by maintaining and improvingthe fuel efficiency of a vehicle, one can reduce the emissions and save the environment. For this a car needs to undergo regular engine maintenance so that it burns lesser amount of gas, cause less pollution, and in return it will also protect the car from untimely troublesin the long run. Such maintenance should include checking and replacing the parts that are worn out, like the spark plugs, the fuel and air filters, the ignition system as well as theparts that build up the emission system. The maintenance course should also include the onboard computer to check if the control system is functioning the way it is supposed to.

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Maintain the Cooling System

The cooling system of the car is consisted of a thermostat that maintains the right temperature in the engine, to prevent it from getting overheated or going too cold that can affect the fuel efficiency. The system also has in it a couple of radiator caps that allow the cooling system of the car to operate even at a higher temperature before it starts boiling. As a result, it maintains the fuel efficiency and make it run without throwing out too much carbon emissions.

Drive Carefully

Your driving habits contribute largely to the car’s fuel economy. Rough driving like sudden starts and hard braking and excessive idling invariably put the engine into more pressure, which eventually wears out the components that are directly responsible for emissions and fuel efficiency.

Moreover by minimizing the rounds of driving extra miles directly brings down the consumption of fuel. Hence it is always better to combine as many rounds of errands you can in one single trip.

Checking the Tire Pressure

Tires make the car stand, move and turn. To consume lesser fuel and emit lesser carbon, a car needs to have its tires in the right condition, that includes the right amount of pressure which is recommended by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual, suggested the auto expert of the service center of the Chevrolet dealer near Cypress we visited recently.


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