Can You Get Financing for Used Cars?

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Getting financing for a used car is possible, provided you are buying from a trusted and certified dealership. However, before you get financing for owned used Nissan in Sherman Oaks, it’s only wise you ask yourself whether it’s worth it. You must understand the risks associated with getting a loan for a used car as compared to a brand new one. In other words, you should prepare yourself information-wise to avoid making a financial mistake that could cost you in the future.

The Resale Value

It’s almost impossible to predict the possible worth of a used car after it has been used for some time. In other words, the depreciation of used cars is quite difficult to predict, unlike that of brand new car models. The unpredictability of the worthiness of used cars after some time usually forceloan lenders to raise interest rates so that they can safeguard their business. They need to be sure that they won’t lose in the event your cars suffer severe mechanical issues. Also, loan providers assume that only people with low credit scores will get loans for used cars as their credit score only allows for such limited amounts.

owned used Nissan in Sherman Oaks

Not a Worth Investment

Used cars depreciate faster than brand new cars. In the case of preowned cars that have been used for more than four years, you’re not assured of reaping actual value for the money you invested before the car becomes worthless. What’s the essence of taking a loan to pay for a car, only to be left with debts when the car has lost its usefulness? If your credit score allows, it is not worth your time taking a loan to pay for a used car. I would strongly advise you only to take loans to buy brand new cars as they deliver more value for money.

The Upfront Amount is Quite Higher

When buying used cars, you’ll have to pay more upfront. That’s because financing institutions consider loans for used cars a threat to their progress. They will require you to pay at least 30% to 60% of the total car price upfront. That means you may not be entirely covered based on your budget and plans. That’s another of the main reasons we advise you should never opt for loans offered against used cars as they may not always favor your best interests.


These are some excellent reasons we advise you to get owned used Nissan in Sherman oak but not only a loan basis. Loans for used cars are not always the best loan providers don’t always consider them safe for their business. And so, they have to keep the interest rates, and upfront payment amounts high to keep their businesses running smoothly.


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