Basic Facts About Spare Tire

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In the recent days, most of the car manufacturers do not include a spare tire for the car buyer when they release the new models. Many cars do not have space enough to carry a full-sized spare tire lying in the trunk, so the solutions that the car makers and other car accessory makers have come up with are smaller sized, temporary spare tires, that they call as the “donuts”. These kinds of tires are mostly used for emergencies, so that you reach a safer place safely. But according to a sales staff of Apple Valley new tires shop, there are some limitations in driving that you need to remember when driving a car after replacing one of the tires with a spare one.

Apple Valley new tiresLimitations of Driving with a Spare Tire

If you have changed your default tire that has gone flat with a compact spare one, it is better not to drive with that for more than 50 miles, unless it is an emergency. The other limitation that you need to keep in mind while driving with a spare one is the speed, which should not cross 50 miles per hour which is recommended by the safety authorities as the maximum. Driving a car with a temporary spare tire over that limit or beyond therecommended distance will incur undue stress on the tire, for which it has not been prepared or manufactured. Disobeying these precautions can cause the tire to burst or even break as well, and you can get stranded again.

So, it is the best to drive your car to the near most shop where you can change the spare tire to its original type and secure your journey ahead.

Issues with Handling

Because of the relatively smaller size, the compact spare tires don’t come with all the necessary features that is common to the regular tires like traction controland ABS. The compact tires with narrower breadth can provide lesser amount of traction, which can henceforth reduce the level of body control and therefore result in lower vehicle safety. So, while driving with a compact spare tire, always make sure never to stop abruptly or take quick and sharp turns.

A Word of Caution

The auto experts serving at the stores of new tires in Apple Valley suggested that it is always recommended to the drivers to keep a note well in advance about what kind of spare tire you have, or whether you have one in the first place. If your car provides enough place at the trunk or to hang one at the rear side of your car, then it is better to have a right sized spare tire to avoid all these issues. The other thing you need to check is having a good set of toolsand your owner’s manual to keep handy. The kit should include a jack, a plyer, a lug wrench. In the event of a flat tire, do check the owner’s manual to follow the right procedure and the tire type that is mentioned to ensure a safe and uninterrupted journey.


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