Ways to Protect Your Car Windows and Yourself During Hail Season

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According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, there are more than 6,000 hailstorms nationwide and keeps increasing annually. A hailstorm can damage your homes and properties, but it can also damage your beloved vehicles if caught without proper shelters or if your car has been parked outside.

According to most of the auto repairing industry, most of the damages that a car can get during hailstorm includes:

  • Dents in the car doors, sides of the car, hood, and trunks
  • Broken chipped or cracked mirrors and windows
  • Broken or damaged door jambs

When that happens, it may only cause you a lot of money to repair your windows or mirrors to auto glass repair service providers. Besides, no person doesn’t want to additional damage expenses if this mishap can be prevented in advance.

Moreover, hail is a part of extreme weather conditions which can affect the severity of a storm. To help prevent or minimize the hail damage to your beloved vehicles, consider to purchase a hail protection blanket for your cars, or perhaps, a padded cover to protect your windows and mirrors before the next hailstorm hits your area.

These hail protection blankets can be found online or you may visit your local auto parts store. While basic preventive measures are ideal, it is also essential to protect yourself if your vehicle and your passengers get stuck in the car during a hailstorm.

Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Car if Stuck During a Hailstorm 

Below are the following tips from National Weather Service for vehicle hailstorm safety:

  • If hailstorm is in the current weather forecast, pull your car into your garage, covered parking lot, or any protected areas such as a carport
  • If driving during a hailstorm, find a location where it’s safe to stop driving and pullover
  • Do not panic, stay in your car until the hail completely stops.

Before hailstorm, be sure that your car is in good condition. No broken windows, no damage doors, no cracked mirror. Because if you have any of these, there’s a bigger risk that can lead to worst-case scenarios. That’s why it is important to check your car condition from time to time so you won’t get worried if the weather changes unannounced while you’re driving.

Things to Do After a Hailstorm 

After a hailstorm, check your car’s current condition if it’s damaged or certain parts are broken. And when your car is damaged and you need it to be repaired, you may consider filing for an insurance claim. Oftentimes, hail damage is covered in most auto insurances nowadays, there’s additional coverage for damage to your car. If your car is financed, your lender might need you to get comprehensive insurance. Your insurance company will work with an insurance adjuster and auto body repair company to confirm the intensity of the damage and to what extent of the repairs are needed.

If insurance doesn’t work, you can personally fix your car. Look for a reliable auto repair service provider which can perform repairs such auto glass repair and auto-body repair. Also, these service providers can offer you some discounts and promotions so you can save a couple of bucks along the process.

Following the above tips can help you, your car, and your passengers to stay safe and protected during a hailstorm.


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