Tips for auto detailing services in Edmonton

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Regardless of how damaged your car’s engine is, if the exterior and interior of your car remains pristine, you are bound to get compliments for it. Just in United States, car wash and car detailing add up to a whopping $9 billion per year. People who like to have a spotless car inside out, love to go for car detailing services. If you are one of those who like to keep their in its best condition, then car detailing Edmonton is just the thing for you.


Clean up the dirt from the floor before vacuuming it

In order to completely clean the dirt, make sure you loosen up the dirt from the floor. You can do it with a hard bristle scrubbing brush and rub it all over the carpet of your car. It will detach the dirt from the fiber of the carpet and ensure a safe and successful vacuuming.

Clean your leather seats with a good cleaning solution

While you may know how to deal with cloth seats, cleaning leather seats may be difficult for you. There are several cleaning solutions for them. But the safest one is aloe based solution. It will not damage your seat over time and neither makes your seat greasier.


De-grease your tires before you clean it with a non-acidic solution

Make sure you always de-grease your tires before you use any kind of cleaner. It will make it easier for you to clean your tires. Once you have de-greased your car tires, use a non-acidic cleaner to remove the dirt. Acidic cleaning solution gradually strips your tires of the protective layer and deteriorates the quality of the tires.

Only pick microfiber cloth to clean your car

Microfiber cloth is a must inclusion in the auto detailing session of every car. The cloth doesn’t leave any streak behind on the vehicle along with the windows. They also work as an efficient drying material in comparison to a cotton rag or a newspaper

Don’t make sure of dish detergent on the exterior of your car

A lot of people use dish detergent in the cleaning solution to clean their car. Well sadly it doesn’t clean your car rather makes auto detailing a nightmare. Dish detergent wipe out the wax coating of the car so, it means every time you use it to clean your car, your vehicle gets exposed to the elements it shouldn’t be. Also dish detergent damage the coating of the tinted windows. Hence, you shouldn’t ever use them, rather pick a soap which doesn’t function as a de-greaser (like a body wash or unscented soap).

Go for car waxing at least once every season

 Wax secures your car from scuffs and scratches. When you are extra cautious with your car, someone or something may ruin it. But when you wax your car once every season, you actually protect its paint job from small external damages all year round.

First Detailing Canada keeps all these things in mind while detailing your car. The professionals offer car detailing services in the best possible way and make your look like new.


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