Skyactiv-X: The Next Generation Engine Concept from Mazda

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Mazda has always led the industry of automotive with its innovative concepts and implementation. Be it from the design to the right driving posture, from the advanced safety options to the perfect drive and ride comfort, Mazda has marked its indigenous presence.

Today we will talk about the new engine concept that came up from the house of Mazda that again has the capability to revolutionize the concept of transportation once again. It is the concept of Mazda Skyactiv-X that is now positioning the Mazda cars much ahead of its rivals from several angles, announced the sales head of the Mazda dealer Fontana.

What is Skyactiv-X?

Mazda’s Skyactiv-X comes as a next-generation concept and technology of gasoline engine that will work as a revolutionary powerplant setting up a new trend for the entire industry. The Skyactiv-X  will combine all the free-revving characteristics that a gasoline engine is preferred and loved for, with a considerable height of fuel efficiency. That would be a really magical turn in the history of automobile where the torque will show a lightning fast initial response that was till now the advantage we used to get from a diesel unit.

Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) Technology

To get the optimum benefit of the SkyActiv-X engine, Mazda pairs it with its own proprietary Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) technology. The result will be that Mazda’s Skyactiv-X will be known as world’s first fully commercial gasoline engine to make use of compression ignition. It will be done to realize an unprecedentedly sharp response of the engine and a torque where a silky smooth acceleration with a higher level of fuel efficiency with cleaner emissions to ensure you cause lesser harm to the environment.

The Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (“SPCCI”) is a system following Mazda’s own proprietary combustion method enabling a seamless transition between the compression and spark ignition.

The Architecture

To make the SkyActiv-X achieve its goal, Mazda had also built up for it an ideal internal combustion engine. All this put together created a new platform for the next-generation Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, that will be more focused on Mazda’s own human-centered design philosophy Jinba-ittai that is known for the ability to maximize the inherent ability of the vehicles much like that of the human body.

Together, all these groundbreaking technologies prepare synergistic support for Mazda’s aim of creating a next-generation driving experience that will be universally recognized.

The Philosophy Behind the SkyActiv-X Engine

The technical staff at the Fontana Mazda dealership took pleasure in explaining the real philosophy of Mazda’s Skyactiv-X engine technology. They described it as a next generation Vehicle Architecture that is aimed to serve as an intensified idea of implementing human-centered design philosophy on Mazda vehicles. Mazda’s purpose and aim behind developing SkyActiv-X engine was to bring in the Mazda vehicles to maximize its ability to balance itself.

Any Mazda vehicle that comes equipped with the SkyActiv-X engine will be able to offer a more comfortable ride that will be less tiring both for driving the vehicle and riding it.


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