Recycle Your Inoperable Car to Save the Environment and Make Money

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When your car has become inoperable or does not run at all, it should not be sent to the landfill. This is because it has some parts that are recyclable. Parts such as batteries, starters, tires, oil and oil filters, scrap metal and catalytic converters are just some of the parts that can be recycled.

Not sure how to recycle your car? Just look up your local wrecker or car recycler. These companies often call themselves car removal or cash for cars services such as Top Cash for Scrap Cars. By contacting your local provider they will pay you a nice sum to take the car off your hands. They then recycle all the parts and make a profit for themselves.

Want to know what parts of your car are valuable? Well the largest and most obvious is all the scrap metal in the car body and the engine itself. But there are many more items in a car that are valuable and can be recycled. Here are a few:

Oil Should Be Removed Before Disposal

Oil is dangerous when it’s not properly disposed. A little amount of oil can contaminate thousands of freshwater gallons. When disposing your car, one of the most important ways that you can save the environment is through proper disposal of oil and this is done when the car is recycled. Car recycling experts ensure that the oil is removed from your vehicle.

Catalytic Converters Are Reusable

By recycling your car, you will not only be benefiting the environment, but you will be helping industries such as electronics and jewelry. This is because when catalytic converters of the vehicle are recycled which are extracted by special tools are used in making electronics and high quality jewelry. What makes this possible are the palladium and platinum metals in the original converters.

Glass Takes a Long Time to Decompose

It’s interesting to know how long glass takes to decompose. It can last up to a million years. Considering this and how much glass can end up in the landfill, it is imperative that you recycle your car when you are finished with it. The glass will be recycled to prevent polluting the environment.

You Can Make Money from the Car Battery

The acid, plastics and lead in the car batteries are useful. This is actually one of the most recyclable parts in vehicles. While some parts of the battery are used to make various products, the batteries themselves are modified and returned into the market as new ones. This means that you will definitely make money from recycling your vehicle. Despite it being reusable, do not try to do the same at home unless you are an expert.

Tires Can Make You Money

Recycling your car tires can make you some good money. Tires are non-biodegradable in nature and this means that they should be disposed properly or even better recycled. They have plenty of uses when they are recycled.

Recycling your old car is crucial to the environment in many ways. Some car parts such as tires and glasses, needs to be recycled considering that they take many years before they can decompose. Recycling your car is not only important for the environment, but also for you since you also make money and you have gotten rid of the car in an environmentally friendly way.


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