Top 10 low speed vehicles from Golf Cart Manufacturers

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If you are in New Jersey, you would have already seen two to five golf cars in the street today. This only proves to show that owning a golf car is not only for golf aficionados or retirees that can afford it because they are also considered as low speed vehicles.

Check out the guidelines and requirements by the State of New Jersey here.

  1. MAGELLAN 2+2 AC

The Magellan series by STAR’s main feature is having a four-wheel hydraulic disc with electric-mechanical parking brake for both front and rear brakes to fully secure the golf car going uphill and staying on the slope of things. The Magellan 2+2 AC can carry all the burden of life for you. Well, technically speaking, as long as your life’s burdens do not exceed 800lbs.

  1. MAGELLAN 4+2 AC

This six-seater golf cart has a 25mph speed for its Low Speed Vehicle option. It could carry up to a ton while going at 25mph, come on!

  1. Moke

If you like 4×4 vehicles like the Jeep, the Moke is perfect for you. A charging station brought about by the on-board 12-volt converter for your gadgets. The motor of the Moke is strong enough to overcome hills and capable to exceed the market’s average WHILE CHARGING YOUR PHONE!

Top 10 low-speed vehicles

  1. California Roadster

The California Roadster may seem purely aesthetic but this rockstar car is more than the “look”. The California Roadster is a low speed vehicle that can drive up to 50 miles straight in just one charge. Having this in the course will surely give you more confidence in your game.

  1. 2 Five 2 Passenger

The 2 Five 2 Passenger’s market is leaning onto the youthful side of the market. Having 4.4HP for the motor but meeting the state of New Jersey’s speed requirement for the low speed vehicles surely got parents’ attention.

  1. Express S4

Low speed vehicles like the Express S4 is built to run mostly on the course. If need be, you can convert the backseat to allot more space for your luggage or golfing equipment. Fret not, if you spend more time on the golf course than usual, this vehicle meets New Jersey’s requirements for LSVs.

  1. Gem em1400

Okay, this reminds me of the vehicle from Jurassic World – the ones that the raptors tried chasing. If the raptors existed in New Jersey and if they also ran for about 20mph, this vehicle could do the job for you. The Gem em1400 is the golf car’s version of the teacher’s pet in class – the person who is seemingly a square but is a total bad boy outside the classroom – because it can carry 1250lbs and run up to 45 miles in a single charge.

  1. Gem e2

The Gem e2 is the smart car of golf cars. This particular golf car brings the phrase “low speed vehicle” to a whole new level because a 6.7HP motor may not sound flashy but the Gem e2 can compete with all those 10+HP because it can also go as fast as 25mph. However, this vehicle offers more of a relaxing and mellow ride unlike the others on this list.

  1. Emerge E2 LE

Do not be fooled by the Emerge E2 LE’s vibrant colours because this golf car can also take things seriously. It can go up to 40 miles in one charge. So, if you are looking for an easy escape vehicle (well, a low speed one), this is your type.

  1. Emerge E2 SE

Is it just me or does this golf car seem like a miniature Hummer? The Emerge E2 SE by Tomberlin has been made for the rugged ones out on the course or just the ones who have it rough. This golf car’s system has been built for a fun adventure – a 17HP motor with matching regenerative brake system to keep you safe for whatever life decides to throw at you.

Stop wasting your time. You’ll never know but you might be the next golf rookie of the year.


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