Know the different signs that your windshield is damaged

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Windshields are more important than what you expect it to be. This glass covering in your car is the one that provides the entire structural support of your vehicle which is designed to withstand the intense amount of stress while you drive it at higher speeds which makes it one of the most susceptible parts of your vehicle to be damaged which cannot be avoided regardless of how careful you drive.

For your information, windshields are usually from double-layer glass that is molded together along with its inner layer that serves as the safety barrier to prevent broken glasses from flying in all directions in case of impact from a collision. The inner layer is also the one that they call as the lamination which holds together broken outer layers in the event of a vehicular accident, or in any form of accidents.

If you would notice why windshields do not instantly shatter into pieces in case there is a collision, struck by an object or other causes, and instead it held itself together along with all the broken pieces intact to prevent the driver as well as the passengers inside safe from getting injured and prevent itself from falling apart and cave in.

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However, a lot of drivers are still caught in making a decision to whether or not repair or replace the windshield that is damaged. In this article, let us show you some of the telltale signs that you have to replace your windshield before it is too late.

  • Small visible cracks- In general, the chips and cracks can instantly be repaired, however, it depends on the severity and several factors of the damage. The factors are the size of the cracks, the type of the cracks, the depth of the damage, and the location of the damage. The results will also vary based on its age, the amount of contamination, as well as the location, and the severity of the damage that is sustained by the windshield.
  • Has an inner crack in between the layers- When it comes to the types of damages and the severity of your windshield, the ones that cannot be repaired should be located on the inner part of the windshield, it has deep damage on both layers of its glass, it damages over rain sensor, and its internal radio antenna, it damages the reach into the driver’s viewing area, it has multiple and complex cracks, it has long cracks, it has contaminated cracks, it has edge cracks and has chipped.

In order to repair the damaged windshield, the technician has to conduct an assessment first before they even decide to replace it or repair it depending on the severity of the damage. Fixing a single crack can only take up to 30 minutes to an hour, but if the damage is deep and it has dust already accumulated in it, there are steps that should be taken by the technician which should be done by injecting curable resin into the outer layer of the glass to restore its integrity courtesy of the technicians from a Low Price Auto Glass. The resin will be then cured and polished to come up with a smoother surface while cracks and the chips will be prevented from spreading and causing more damage.


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