Description of a Pulley and where is applied

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A pulley is simply defined as a spherical object that usually fabricated with heavy-duty material that commonly used in multiple application. Correas dentadas is widely used for transmitting force guide or carrying things. A pulley comprises an axle which is frequently installed on the frame to allow the wheel to spin freely.

Feature of V-belt pulleys

Axle is one the essential appliance that is mostly installed on the brace or frame that enable the wheel spin without resistance. Thus reduces the friction when the belt or chain on the pulley. The outer part of the lift can be lined to guide the chain or strap to prevent it from slipping off a pulley during an operation. Here are various places where pulleys are applied:

Automotive engine 

Application of the lift usually differ significantly, and wheel size often varies depending on where it is being applied. A pulley wheel is also used on the compartment of the automotive engine to support the serpentine belt or timing belt. Also, a pulley can be used to exert power on peripheral equipment like air conditioner and steering machines.

Correas dentadas

These types of pulleys will be quite small. In comparison, the exceptional wide pulley wheel can be used as a ski area as a lift. The large pulley wheels are usually used to guide the belt which chairs are protected, and will assist in keeping a proper tension on the connection of the table.

Production and manufacturing facilities

Pulley wheels are also mostly used in production and manufacturing industries to lift or move heavy objects. A stronger belt or chain is required to drive one or even more pulleys while lifting or moving heavy items. The main purposes of the pulley to minimize the energy needed to raise the object.

However, friction is commonly involved in this process, and sometimes it makes the movement even more difficult. Therefore, a suitable pulley balancing should be used effectively to move or lift the object. Most of these pulleys are driven to support or lift object much faster and to lift massive objects.

Types of pulley used

There are different types of pulleys, depending on the heaviness of objects. For instance, for lighter objects, plastic or nylon pulley are usually used. On the other hand, for the heavy-duty application, metal pulleys are used. The heavy-duty applications include automobile engines such as correas dentadas and under-drive pulleys.


 Heavy-duty pulleys are usually fabricated against heat resistant. They are also exclusive metals that cannot wear out easily, especially when exposed on a regular use or higher temperature. When the timing belt is malfunctioning or damaged, the car engine may stop operating. Therefore, in case you are faced with this situation, your only choice is to look for a professional mechanic to fix this issue.


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