Car Technology That Will Stop Mechanics Ripping You Off

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How many times have been to the car repair center and the original problem that you went into the car shop to be repaired turns into several problems that you did not know about? Half the time you don’t even know if the car repairman is telling you the truth or trying to get some extra cash out of you.

If you are someone that knows very little about cars most of the time you may need to go and get a second opinion only to be told there are more problems with your car.

These instances occur usually because we don’t much about cars. For those that do know about cars, then great, this app is not going to be for you exactly, but still, it will be useful as an early warning system.

For those that don’t anything about cars or have a limited knowledge of this application we are about to reveal to you is a godsend. This tool is basically a self-diagnostic and reporting app that gives you all the information you need about your car. It essentially plugs into a digitalized communication port, which most modern cars these days have built in. This port connected to all areas of your car and feeds back data to your application so you know exactly how your car is performing.

I mean this technology is literally straight out of the motorsports industry where F1 cars, as well as Nascar, need to know exactly what is happening with the various components of the vehicle. All this information is sent back in real time so the racer and the team are getting up to the minute data. Now using what is known as diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) or fixd.

The alternative is to rely on the tools built into your car on your dashboard. These are lights that indicate possible issues, but they are not always accurate. Instead, the OBD2 system, which is the technical term for this digital car checking tech will give you faster and more accurate information, plus additional warnings and resolution suggestions that the built warning lights cannot provide. Probably the best part of this technology is that it actually tells you what you should do to resolve the issue.

Effectively, you are being given the chance to have the technology used by professional car mechanics at your fingertips rather than having to go to a repair station and have them use their version of the tool. When there is an issue, you can literally role into the car repair center and tell them exactly what the issue is because you already have the same tools as they would use.

All this is available via an application that you can install on to your smartphone. A little like the smart home applications people use to control their heating and security system at home except this is for your car. Now this may sound like an expensive piece of kit, but visit this obd2 scanner website and take a look at how cheap this tool actually is!


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