Benefits of My Chevrolet Awards at Davis Chevrolet

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What is the most important aspect of a business? Is it the sales, revenue, reputation, infrastructure, employees, ownership, market share, or is it the customers? Customers are the most important factor for any business because without a customer, there are no sales, no revenue, no reputation, and no market share. If there are no sales and negligible revenue then having a state-of-the-art infrastructure and efficient employees does not matter. In this scenario, all the Chevrolet Houston dealers try to entice a large number of customers and persuade them to buy old or new cars from them.

Importantly, all these dealers cannot match the expertise and services offered by Davis Chevrolet. Davis Chevrolet is the most trusted and an important dealer in the city of Houston.It has been for almost 60 years since they first set up shop in Houston and till now, the most robust growth of this dealership is due to the word of mouth endorsement. People like this Chevrolet Houston dealership and hence, they are happy to pass on the information about an honest and efficient dealership in the city.

To attract and retain a greater number of customers, Davis Chevrolet has formulated a My Chevrolet rewards program which gives several benefits to the customers provided they collect points and are able to redeem them in exchange for various benefits and services.

Houston Chevrolet dealership

How can you collect these points?

The first step towards starting your journey of association with Davis Chevrolet is making an account with them. You will get 1000 valuable points post sign up; for another 1000 points, you only need to complete your profile. This will give you 2000 points just for making an account on their website. This account makes you eligible to redeem the points through service or when buying new parts.

When you buy a new car from them or even lease a car, you will receive a whopping 20,000 points. You can do a whole lot with 20,000 points; on the other hand, if you choose to buy an old car, you will gain an additional 5000 points.

The points tally will keep on increasing further if choose the Davis Chevrolet for the service of 2018 Chevrolet Cruze or buying its parts. On every dollar spent with them, you will earn 6 points each.

The benefits awarded:

There are numerous benefits of collecting these points, as you can:

1.Redeem these points at any certified Chevrolet Houston dealership for service and maintenance activities. Servicing today taxes your pocket heavily, but with these points by your side, you will earn both ways. First, you can reduce the servicing cost and secondly, on the extra dollars spent, you will earn points too.

  1. Next, you can also use them to buy new car parts and accessories. The accessories bought will also reflect in your points.
  2. You can also select from the Chevrolet On Star plans and other connected services that you can choose from.


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