A Guide to using HGV Safety Systems

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  • What are ‘HGV safety systems’?

Basically, heavy goods vehicle (HGV) safety systems aid the driver in the manoeuvring of the vehicle effectively and without fear of collision.

We’ve all heard the familiar beep, beep, beep of the refuse lorry as it reverses outside our house at some ghastly early morning hour. Well, that beep, beep, beep is an HGV safety system in action; not only is does it deliver an early morning wakeup call but also a warning to any dozy pedestrians or motorists to get the hell out of the way!

Joking aside, reversing warning systems have undoubtedly saved many a nasty injury.

HGV’S are, as their name implies, big and long with many potential blind spots,not only from the rear but, from all directions; front, back and sides! HGV drivers are trained to the highest possible standards but there’s no shame in having extra safety systems that compliment these skills.

  • What other types of safety systems are there available?

There are numerous ingenious systems that can successfully reduce the number of accidents and incidents involving HGV’s. Reversing aids are probably the most popular, however there’s danger on all sides; sensory systems and video monitoring are ever more used and what’s more, they are extremely effective.

Every accident, irrespective of blame, involving one of their HGV’s costs a company time and money. Video and sensor systems are no-brainer investments.

How many times has one of your HGV’s scraped, or worse still destroyed, someone else’s property? And, how many times has damaged been incurred in the loading bay as HGV’stry to ‘dock’ and navigate often tight spaces?

HGV safety systems undoubtedly offer a solution to alleviating human misjudgement.

The advancement in technology and innovation has brought about the development of some nifty safety aids. Take for example the wonderfully rugged and versatile Wideboy camera system; this is a portable camera system that provides the driver with a clear view along the blind side of a wide load.

There’s also a ‘left turn alarm’ system that gives out a warning to cyclists or pedestrians that may be trapped on the nearside prior to the truck making a left turn. So many accidents can be avoided with the help of safety systems.

Furthermore, as part of a camera monitoring system, recording features can be included; these recording can be date and time stamped and played back to prove or disprove liability. A recommended add-on to any video system.

  • Where to source excellent HGV safety systems

There are many such equipment suppliers, however not all necessarily have adequate pedigree. A poor ill thought through system could cause more problems than provide solutions.

You will need a supplier with a reputation for delivering quality tried and tested systems. And that undoubtedly is TRAFFIC ANGEL!

TRAFFIC ANGEL are well known and respected for their high standards of service and sale of tip-top latest tech HGV safety solutions. Their range of products is, to say the least, impressive. All this is backed-up by excellent customer service and support.

Should you have a query then TRAFFIC ANGEL will come up with a resolution.

So, start saving all that money and anxiety now! Visit TRAFFIC ANGEL for further information, consultation and, ultimately, all your HGV safety solutions!


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