Reasons Why You Need To Replace A Damaged Windshield

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If you have a damaged windshield, car and safety experts suggest that you have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Maybe you think that you can still drive with that chipped, cracked, or broken windshield? If you are worried about your safety, then you have to think again. A damaged windshield is not only a blemish in your car that you can take for granted. This can cause a much serious problem than you could’ve ever imagined.

Importance Of A Windshield

A windshield is a very important structure of a vehicle. It provides protection to the driver and the passengers during an accident, especially during a rollover. For the last decades, the windshield is now more of a safety feature. This is because the A-pillars or the frame of the vehicle that runs from the side of the windshield down to the back of the car are thinner than they were 4 or 5 decades ago. So if your windshield is not replaced properly, it will not be able to provide you with its safety benefits. 

The Dangers Of Driving With A Broken Windshield

If your windshield has small chips, it can be easily fixed. You will only need a windshield replacement if the chip is too large or if it is as big as a credit card when it comes to the width or the length. A standard windshield is made of two transparent glass. They are glued together using a vinyl resin. This will keep the glass in place during the impact. It will stop the shards of glass from flying.

windshield replacement

If for example the vinyl resin or the safety layer is cracked or chipped, the windshield is unstable and will not be able to withstand so much impact. It cannot protect the driver and the passengers. Aside from that, a large crack on the windshield can negatively affect your vision as well as the reflection of the sunlight glare which will make it difficult for you to see while you are driving.

A damaged windshield or if it was not properly installed, can easily pop out during a collision. Again, the windshield acts as a structural support of the car. During these tragic events, an improperly installed windshield or a damaged one can cause the roof to collapse, putting the passengers and the driver of the car in danger.

Windshield Replacement

The windshield replacement can take less than an hour to finish. So why put yours and your passengers’ life in danger when you can just spend time less than your lunch break to have your windshield fixed? Most of the cracks can cost you less than a hundred dollars, but if the chip is too big, wide, or too deep, then it can cost more. If your windshield is broken, no matter how small it is, make sure that you go to your trusted auto-glass repair shop to have it fixed.

Do not wait for the problem to get bigger. Remember that your driving is affected by a damaged windshield. Other than that, you are also putting lives in danger. So what are you waiting for? Have your windshield fixed today!


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